As construction companies look to recruit a new generation of employees, assuring new hires about your safety measures should be included among your list of priorities.

The construction industry does not have a good reputation for safety in the public domain. It consistently accounts for the highest number of injuries and deaths caused by trips, slips, and exposure to harmful substances.

A report published by the American Psychological Association indicates that personal health concerns and safety in the workplace are very significant or somewhat significant to 69% of millennials.

Performing daily safety checks and providing PPE are basic requirements that are naturally expected by ultra-informed millennials. To recruit today’s workers, contractors have to go three steps further to ensure high-grade safety measures are implemented.

Invest in Pro-Safe Technology

Innovative technologies that can improve safety in the construction industry are emerging as essential tools for contractors. Driven by virtual reality trading, artificial intelligence (AI), and wearables, technology help to give workers the confidence that their personal health and safety are a priority.

For example, virtual reality simulations can be used to train employees that may be exposed to dangerous working conditions to practice real-life scenarios in a safe environment. If they make a mistake in a VR simulation they cannot be injured by being more aware of the dangers on-site.

Risk Assessment Technology

No matter how experienced risk assessment managers are, there is always a chance they may not envisage risks at new sites. Emerging technologies including AI, drone surveillance, and blockchain technology can predict potential risks more accurately than outdated risk assessment models.

Drones provide unprecedented views that have never been available to safety chiefs in the past. Coupled with AI safety software, contractors can continuously monitor and analyze construction sites for potential dangers thus reducing the risk of casualties and deaths.

Regular Safety Training

Providing regular safety training for new starters should be a continuous process. The more individuals are exposed to situations that highlight potential dangers to themselves and their colleagues, the more safety-orientated they are in the workplace.

Experienced staff should also be given refresher training – particularly as the safety software described above is able to highlight potential dangers that may not have been considered in the past. When the entire team is well-versed in advanced safety procedures, the workplace is a safer place for everybody.

Install Adequate Lighting

Insurance companies report that a significant number of accidents in the construction industry are caused by inadequate lighting. When workers cannot see properly they are more likely to slip, trip, or miss a nail whilst they’re hammering.

The recommendations to avoid lighting accidents include designing lighting that provides adequate light for the space together with light towers and balloon lights in low-visibility areas.

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